Anonymous: Do you live with your parents 

Yep :/


I should have kissed you longer.
Anonymous: is it any coincidence most of the guys you date resemble Freddie? they kindddda look like him. I wish we could talk because everything I see in you I was once there and am still getting through I think I could possibly be of help but I like this anonymity. make a new friend? up to you theres always people there who are listening, people u think don't notice you. 

I guess you can say I like 3 things, white boys with dark hair and freckles /.\ and I would love to talk! Please come off say there’s people but where am I supposed to meet them? :/


Fallingforyou - The 1975
Anonymous: if you don't mind me asking, why'd you guys break up? it seems like you really miss him. I hope you find someone who makes you happy 

i guess because he was going through a lot of personal problems that weer out of my control. it was making me so sad that i couldnt fix certain aspects of his life and it was taking over me because he didnt seem to care about his future. I needed someone who was going to move forward with me not drag me down. So i broke up with him. Now he hates me for a bunch of reasons


No one knows how I feel.
Anonymous: How old are you? And what grade 

im 17 and i just graduated high school 

Anonymous: post pics of your exs and descriptions of your relationship with them please im really curious 

This is Frederick. He has lovely curly brown hair and a gorgeous face. Hes the only person in the world who can always make me smile no matter what. Theres a lot more to him than anyone thinks.I look up to him a lot because well hes gone through so much shit but he always makes it through. He was my best friend, i wish we still talked. We arent really friends right now, but i wish we were. I used to think i had been in love before but i never really was until i met him. When i think about him my head hurts and i feel like i can taste blood in my mouth. 


" An entire year passed and I think I was the only one who truly knew you. Or maybe I never knew you at all. “
i think im in love
Anonymous: Can you post a picture of you and your ex 

Like my most recent ex? Lol which one?

Anonymous: Where you from 

Bay Area :3c

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