Anonymous: I'm 15 (I'm turning 16 soon so don't worry) and I want to have sex like really bad. Like I want to be fucked but like then again idk. Like I want it to be special but like then again the 100th person I sleep with could be special so like idk but I really want to have sex extremely bad and i just don't know 

ok babe honestly if you think you’re ready i say go for it!! virginity is a social construct and society gives it a much bigger meaning, your first time can be special if you want or it can be with some dude you think is handsome. just make sure he’s gentle and make sure you’re comfortable! do whatever your heart desires beb. you’re the number 1 person in your life so do what makes you happy just make sure you’re ready and that you’re being safe, always use a condom to protect yourself from pregnancy and stds. if you wanna talk more just message me again my lil flower :’)

boys are confusing but I’m not allowing myself to get hurt again. tattoos are my weekness:c

Anonymous: I'm a cat (': 

tell meeeee

Anonymous: Wait you're so cute yet so sexy unff 

what omg ;__; thank you so much who r u cutie :*

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